Smaller 909 manual : Overview


The EXS24 and Kontakt programs in this library are drum kits that let you play all drum sounds at the same time, and individual drums that let you play a single drum sound.

The individual drum programs are more or less the same for EXS24 and Kontakt, but the drum kits are completely different. The S909 All Kontakt program has all drum sounds with knobs to change the sound, a bit like a real 909. This type of program is impossible to create with EXS24, and the S909 Kit for EXS24 has much less variations of each drum sound.

If you want different programs, please send an e-mail to "hello" before the @-sign and describe what you want. If it sounds useful and is technically possible they might be released as a free update in the future.

96kHz and 44.1kHz

The 96kHz and 44.1kHz variants of this library are identical, except one has 24bit 96kHz samples and the other 24bit 44.1kHz samples. To make it possible to have booth installed at the same time, the 96kHz samples and programs have names ending with "96k" and the 44.1kHz programs and samples have names ending with "44k".


Many of the programs use something called keyswitches to change the sound. This means some keys on the keyboard do not play sounds, but are used to switch the sounds of keys that do play sounds.

For example: C2 plays a bass drum sound, and D1 and E1 are keyswitches to select a short or long bass drum sound. After D1 has been pressed, C2 will play the short bass drum. After E1 has been pressed, C2 will play the long bass drum.

The Kontakt programs always have a user interface knob that does what the keyswitch does, and you might never need to use the keyswitches.

EXS24 programs do not have knobs, it is not possible with the EXS24 format. If you use EXS24, you have to use the keyswitches to access all sounds.

This library uses the following convention for the keyswitches:

This manual has the keyboard layout of each program. It should explain what the keyswitches do and where they are.

Kontakt will save the keyswitch state when you save the song, but EXS24 will not. The solution for EXS24 is to create a MIDI region in Logic that plays the keyswitch-key to restore the keyswitch state.

Round robin

The analog drums of the 909 sound different each time they are played. To capture this each setting of each drum was sampled multiple times. The EXS24 and Kontakt programs use something called round robin ordering to cycle through the different samples when you play a key repeatedly.

The hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals are digital samples on the 909. They sound exactly the same each time they are played and do not have round robin samples.

Sample file names

All sample files have unique names and are organized into folders that will hopefully help you find them quickly if you want to program your own sounds.

Smaller 909 manual : Overview


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